As a participant in the Certificate Program you train to become an Integral Venture Coach. This program is for you if you

  • are developing a program for an impact-oriented incubator or accelerator,
  • want to expand your coaching practice to entrepreneurs and accompany them in the holistic development of their startups,
  • want to enable intrapreneurs and leaders of organisations to embody an integral entrepreneurial mindset and develop their teams accordingly.

You will learn to look holistically, critically and empathically at ventures and the entrepreneurs leading them. You will be equipped with tools enabling you to assess the opportunity, value offering, and the venture’s structure and discover developmental potentials in all three areas. You will be trained to design custom programs, trainings, and interventions that enable your clients to launch, improve, or accelerate their ventures.

Being their coach, you will accompany your client on their journey to become an Integral Entrepreneur. Next to challenging and supporting them to rigorously focus on their venture’s holistic development, you will also nudge them to look at the opportunities for self-development that their journey offers.

As a result, you will contribute to the emergence of

  • Better products and services for which value creation, sustainability, and impact are all considered from an integral perspective.
  • Transformative ventures, i.e. those which serve a purpose higher than just generating profits; which tackle the tough challenges of our times playfully, joyfully and entrepreneurially; which are transformative and meaningful for everyone involved in and touched by them.
  • Conscious entrepreneurs, who embark on a journey of self-discovery and self-knowledge, of cultivating goodwill and empathy as the basis for true success and lasting happiness.
  • A free, happy and joyful future for all of us.


Who is behind this program?


Entrepreneurial Mindset

  • The Entrepreneur & Entrepreneurship: An Integral Definition
  • Uncertainty and Unboundedness: Self-Generation
  • Potential and Impact: Self-Reflection
  • Creation Logic and Self-Development: Self-Correction


  • The Origin and Nature of Opportunity
  • Gaps, Trends, and Vision
  • Opportunity Development Process
  • Analysis, Introspection and Envisioning for Entrepreneurs

Value Offering

  • Human-centric vs. POV
  • IVC Framework Part 1: Value Creation
  • IVC Framework Part 2: Value Destruction
  • Design Thinking and Co-Creation

Venture System

  • The Limits of the Business Model Canvas and the Transactional Model
  • Venture System and Integral Venture Map
  • Openness, Transparency, Participation, and Contribution in Venture System Innovation
  • Hierarchy and Organisation: Holarchy as New “Leitbild”


  • Story and Structure
  • Emphasis and Delivery
  • Voice and Authenticity
Benedikt Foit

Benedikt Foit

Your contact for the Integral Venture Coach Certificate Program

If you are interested in joining, please send us a message. We will then get back to you with more detailed information.