Integral Coaching

Integral Coaching – the IIE way – is a structured process to holistically develop as a human being while working on a topic that deeply matters to you and in which you want to make progress. Your coach serves as a catalyst to this process as well as a midwife for the internal changes to manifest.

Starting Point

Do you have a topic that matters to you and in which you had difficulties making or sustaining progress? Together with your coach, you will explore the topic in detail. A comprehensive look at the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects, and an enquiry into the relationships to stakeholders in your topic serves as a starting point to this integral coaching process. This will shed light on your CURRENT WAY OF BEING in the topic, as well as its limitations and strengths.

The Journey

The coaching journey will enable you to envision a NEW WAY OF BEING within your coaching topic. We will explore how you can transcend the current limitations and transform others into valuable assets for a fulfilling life. You thus move from vision to reality, by building the necessary competencies – the ‘muscles’ – that support you in embodying this new way of being. Each integral coaching program is fully customized and meets you where you currently are. Your coach accompanies you through a series of cycles of development that enable you to make meaningful progress in your topic.


Have a topic that deeply matters to you?

Benedikt Foit

Benedikt Foit

IIE Founder and Executive Coach. Your first point of contact.

Have you had difficulties in making and sustaining progress in your topic? Do you want to develop competencies that enable you to be in your topic in a new way and experience new results? Looking for a customized coaching program which takes you through cycles of development that progressively enable you to  make progress on your topic?