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Building and growing a successful startup requires vision, expertise and execution. Above all, the emotional rollercoaster of launching a startup requires tenacity and fortitude. Granted, you have both, and the undying passion to turn your idea into reality, make a difference, but where do you go next? How do you avoid getting lost in the ideation process, or spending massive amounts of money without moving any closer to launching the product into the market? This is where the 9Stream Startup Dev program comes in.

We are not just another founder’s academy or disinterested launch pad. The 9Stream Startup Dev is an active, hands-on, ‘goal-getter’ platform for launching startups. Our builders on-board like pro-active co-founders who leverage their expertise and resources, from aligning essential business model components, to designing and positioning your product as a disruptive force.

Impactful products, apps, and designs are built with foresight and vision, not stumbled upon, which is why we bring our tried and tested venture methods into every startup we take on, every time – whether it’s innovative design thinking, coding and digital build at a fraction of regular costs, product strategy, marketing, or developing key messages, at the 9Stream startup dev program we are adept at catalyzing your passions and embedding them into the DNA of your core venture.

In fact, our team will constantly be there beside you throughout the journey, the highs and lows, ensuring that passion remains ignited and flow remains productive.

To conclude, once your product is ready to hit the market, we growth hack the eff out of your product and leverage our vast network of angel, corporate and VC investors to facilitate investment or strategic partnerships.


About 9Stream Startup Dev

Tract9, a creative co-working space and community hub will host the program in Toronto, Canada. The Institute for Integral Entrepreneurship (as well as other partners, who we will soon announce) deliver the program.


Dr. Vijak Haddadi

Dr. Vijak Haddadi

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