What is Integral Entrepreneurship?

Integral Entrepreneurship unites the creation and development of successful businesses with broader objectives such as environmental and cultural sustainability and the personal development of primary and affected stakeholders. Built upon pragmatic and well-tested tools of startup methodology and business strategy, Integral Entrepreneurship expands both the perspective and the set of methods available to the entrepreneur by introducing concepts and best practices from systems thinking, integral theory and transpersonal psychology.

Entrepreneurship is one of the driving forces of socio-systemic change and the entrepreneur is its key agent. Thus, engaging in an entrepreneurial endeavour harbours the possibility of achieving real impact on the way we live and on the world at large. We see Integral Entrepreneurship as the effective marriage of good business practice and sustainable and holistic development for self, collective and environment. By taking an integral approach entrepreneurs are able to build ventures that are more rooted and integrated in their wider ecosystems and hence have better long-term prospects of prospering.

Integral Entrepreneurship is closely allied with the Impact Investing movement. Entrepreneurs who take an integral approach create ventures that are of primary interest for impact investors – delivering both business returns and wider impact. Integral Entrepreneurship is also allied with a range of related movements in arts, politics, spirituality and other domains of human experience.

What do Integral Entrepreneurs do?

… explore, unfold and embody their own potentials during their entrepreneurial journey

… activate, facilitate, and accompany the development of all participants in their venture

… design ventures that catalyse a planetary redesign and operate them with integral sustainability